Holding Down Bolts (assembled)

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We have identified the most popular sizes of Holding Down Bolts (or foundation bolts) and put together an assembled package in order to simplify the buying process and reduce the price.

Our standard holding down bolts are supplied in grade 8.8, high tensile steel and conform to BS 7419. We can also supply in galvanised steel and stainless steel in sizes up to M72. Bespoke bolt cluster ‘cages’ can be manufactured to our customers’ specification. For further information please contact us.

Method of Fixing: The waxed cardboard void former is placed over the bolt, standing on the plate washer. The cone is left in place whilst the concrete sets, allowing for lateral, circular movement of the bolt. This makes lining up of the above ground structure much easier. The void can then be filled with grout.

1 x bolt (8.8 high tensile steel), nut and round washer
1 x square plate washer
1 x waxed cardboard cone

PLEASE NOTE: These ‘assemblies’ are supplied as individual components.

Bolt Size(code – 431)
Thread Size x Length
Cone Length (code – 434)Sq. Hole Plate Washer (code – 522)
Square x Thickness
M16 x 300mm229mm100mm x 10mm
M16 x 375mm305mm100mm x 10mm
M16 x 450mm380mm100mm x 10mm
M20 x 300mm229mm100mm x 10mm
M20 x 300mm229mm150mm x 10mm
M20 x 375mm305mm100mm x 10mm
M20 x 375mm305mm150mm x 10mm
M20 x 450mm380mm100mm x 10mm
M20 x 450mm380mm150mm x 10mm
M20 x 600mm535mm100mm x 10mm
M20 x 600mm535mm150mm x 10mm
M24 x 375mm305mm100mm x 10mm
M24 x 375mm305mm150mm x 10mm
M24 x 450mm380mm100mm x 10mm
M24 x 450mm380mm150mm x 10mm
M24 x 600mm535mm100mm x 10mm
M24 x 600mm535mm150mm x 10mm
M30 x 450mm380mm100mm x 10mm
M30 x 600mm535mm100mm x 10mm
M30 x 450mm380mm150mm x 10mm
M30 x 600mm535mm150mm x 10mm
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Additional information

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