Best-selling restraint straps

Restraint straps, commonly known as ‘Bat Straps’ are also referred to as tension straps, are used to restrain roof and floor structures.

Restraint straps are made from galvanised or stainless steel and are most commonly used to connect timber floor and roof systems to masonry walls, providing effective anchoring against uplifting forces like wind. The pre-drilled holes allow various fixing points for horizontal and vertical application.

Choosing the correct restraint straps

The first step when using restraint straps is choosing the correct size for your application. When reading the size of a restraint strap, it is important to remember that the bend is included in the overall length. The bend is often 90 degrees, but can be customized otherwise.

We supply a large range of restraint straps in a variety of different sizes. For example, our Galvanised Light Duty Restraint Strap is available in over thirty different lengths, including 100mm Galvanised Light Duty Restraint Strap, 500mm Galvanised Light Duty Restraint Strap, 1500mm Galvanised Light Duty Restraint Strap and 2500mm Galvanised Light Duty Restraint Strap.

We also offer the Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Restraint Strap, Heavy Engineered Restraint Strap, Stainless Steel Light-Duty Restraint Strap and more.

To order restraint straps with more than one bend, a bend of less or more than 90 degrees or straps of custom lengths, please call our sales team on 01206 793100.

We also make to order, straps with a twist. For this, we require a simple hand-drawn sketch indicating where you require the twist.

Installing restraint straps

Before installing your straps, you must check that they fit tightly against the masonry wall face. They must also be turned down at least 100m and be tight against the face of the wall. Place the strap in the desired position, then drill screws in the holes to secure it to the wall.

If you’re in need of more builders metalwork, we have it all. Our 20mm Stainless Steel Fixing Band can help you with many of your securing, supporting and strapping needs. Similarly, our robust connection plates can provide additional strength to a roof beam or even help you fix a garden fence.

Best-selling restraint straps

Some of our best-selling restraint straps include this 400mm Galvanised Heavy Duty Restraint Strap, which is 30mm wide, 2.5mm thick and has holes with 6mm diameters. Most straps will have a bend of 90 degrees, but it is possible to order custom straps of different specifications. Other popular sizes include 700mm Galvanised Heavy Duty Restraint Strap, 800mm Galvanised Heavy Duty Restraint Strap and 100mm Galvanised Heavy Duty Restraint Strap.

Our 400mm Galvanised Light Duty Restraint Strap is another customer favourite, as well as the 100mm Galvanised Light Duty Restraint Strap.

For light-duty applications, our 75mm Stainless steel Light Duty Restraint Strap is perfect. We stock and supply this strap up in sizes of up to 3m long and with different sized legs.

If you require any information regarding our restraint straps for sale, feel free to contact our team by calling 01206 793100 or emailing