Essential bricklaying tools

When laying bricks, it is essential to have the right tools for every bricklaying procedure, including picking up mortar, spreading mortar and levelling concrete. At Speedy Fixings, we have available a variety of bricklaying tools, including hand tools, such as trowels, jointers and line pins, as well as measuring devices, such as spirit levels and tape measures.


Trowel are the most important bricklaying tools. These are used to spread mortar or plaster when layering bricks. There are various types of trowels, including:

Pointing trowels – ideal for small jobs. We have available Pro pointing trowel London pattern, Pro pointing trowel Philadelphia which feature a duragrip handle with finger protection plus, Trade pointing trowel with wooden handle that features a tempered blade for strength.

Brick trowels – used to pick up and spread mortar, as well as laying bricks or blocks. We supply Pro Brick Trowel London Pattern 280mm, Pro Brick Trowel Philadelphia and Trade Brick Trowel London with wooden handle.

Gauging trowels – perfect for finishing large points of mortar. We stock Trade 180mm gauging trowel with wooden handle and Pro 180mm gauging trowel.

Bucket trowels – used to scoop mortar from a bucket. We have available 180mm pro bucket trowels and trade 180mm bucket trowel with wooden handle.

Line Pins.

Line pins, such as pro 152mm line pins, are secured between stones as a reference when layering bricks.


Jointers are used to provide a professional finish to joints between bricks. We stock Pro Brick Jointer in various sizes, which is ideal to make sure you have the right amount of plaster between bricks.

Measuring devices.

To ensure walls are laid straight use spirit levels, such as our pro spirit level, or tape measure.

If you have any questions about our bricklaying products, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can be easily reached on 01206 793100 or at