Face Fix Hanger

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Pre-galvanised mild steel hangers designed for applications requiring additional strength.

Quick and simple installation – hangers have bolt holes for 12mm fasteners & smaller holes for square twist nails.

To prevent rotation the hanger depth should be at least 60% of the carried member depth, unless additional lateral restraint is added to the top of the carried member. See our range of restraint straps.


• Header member
• Solid Timber
• I-Joists

For use with

• Solid sawn timber joists
• Purlins

ProductHanger height (B) (mm)Joist width (mm)Joist height (mm)Nail holes (5mm Ø)Bolt holes
38 x 171 SAE380/38 Face Fix Hanger17138274304 x 13mm
45 x 167.5 SAE380/45 Face Fix Hanger167.545268304 x 13mm
47 x 165 SAE380/47 Face Fix Hanger16547264304 x 13mm
76 x 152 SAE380/76 Face Fix Hanger152.575244304 x 13mm
90 x 205 SAE500/90 Face Fix Hanger20590328486 x 13mm
100 x 140 SAE380/100 Face Fix Hanger140100224304 x 13mm
125 x 187.5 SAE500/125 Face Fix Hanger187.5125300486 x 13mm
150 x 175 SAEL500/150 Face Fix Hanger175150280486 x 13mm
200 x 195 SAE590/200 Face Fix Hanger195200312506 x 13mm
 225 x 197.5 Face Fix Hanger197.5225330708 x 13mm
 250 x 195 Face Fix Hanger195250312546 x 13mm
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