Galv Hex Ankerbolt

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The Ankerbolt is a self-tapping anchor for use in a variety of base materials. The undercutting action provides a positive anchorage with no expansion forces.
The wide range of types and sizes gives flexibility of choosing the correct anchor according to the fixture thickness.

Base Materials:
Concrete C20/25 to C50/60
• Non-Cracked Concrete
• Hollow Concrete Planks
• Solid Brickwork
• Concrete Block
• Natural Stone

Undercutting Action
• Fast And Secure Installation
• Expansion Free
• Through Fixing
• High Performance

• Mechanical Galvanised Minimum 40μ

DescriptionDrill size (mm)Clearance hole in fixture (mm)Max fixture fastened (mm)Spanner AF (mm)
8 x 60 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt8122015
8 x 100 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt8126015
8 x 150 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt81211015
10 x 60 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt10141017
10 x 100 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt10145017
10 x 150 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt101410017
12 x 100 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt12164019
12 x 150 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt12169019
12 x 200 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt121614019
16 x 100 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt16202027
16 x 150 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt16207027
16 x 200 Galv Hex. Ankerbolt162012027
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