What are manhole safety chains?

Manhole safety chains are installed across manholes and chambers to prevent the danger of workers from being swept away whilst inside. them. They act as an emergency grip, so that if a worker was to fall into an outflow pipe, they’d be able to grab onto the chain, instead of falling further into the system.
Manhole safety chains come in varying lengths and fixing types, and are popular with civil engineering companies. Here at Speedy Fixings, we offer a selection of top-quality manhole safety chains, to help keep workers safe.

Manhole Safety Chain Kit + expanding Shield Anchors

The kit comes complete with a grade A4-316 long link stainless steel chain, 2 eyebolts, a dee shackle, a spring hook, 2 shield anchors and 2 large diameter washes.
This safety chain is fully adjustable – simply clip the spring hook into the desired position. Alternatively, speak to our team regarding your required chain length and we will supply it for you.

Manhole Safety Chain Kit without fixings

This manhole safety chain kit does not contain fixings, but it includes a long link stainless steel chain, two eyebolts, two dee shackles and a spring hook.

Manhole Safety Chain Kit + Resin Fixing Kit

This kit comes complete with a long link stainless steel chain, 2 eyebolts, a dee shackle and a spring hook, as well as a resin fixing kit, which includes 300ml Rawlplug R-KEM II styrene-free polyester resin and a resin dispenser.

All our Chain Kits are available off the shelf in 1 metre, 1.5 metre, 2 metre and 3 metre lengths. Alternatively, contact us and we can supply whatever you need up to 10 metres long! If you have any questions regarding our manhole safety chains, feel free to contact our team today by calling us on 01206 793100 or sending an email to sales@speedyfixings.com.