Best-selling window restraints

Window restraint straps, not to be mistaken for standard restraint straps, are used in the construction industry and are specifically designed for window installations. Whilst standard restraint straps, such as our heavy-duty restraint straps, are used for connecting roof and floor timbers to walls and other lateral restraint applications, window restraint straps are designed to reinforce the connection between the window board and the masonry wall.

At Speedy Fixings, we have available a selection of window restraints, such as flat window restraints and cranked window restraints. These are manufactured with galvanised steel and are positioned to order, depending on your application requirements.

Our best-selling window restraint straps include galvanised cranked window restraints and galvanised flat window restraints. These are 30mm wide and 2.5mm thick and feature multiple fixing holes. If you require different sizes or styles to those listed contact our team, as we can produce bespoke restraint straps to meet your specifications. We can also produce stainless steel straps to order.

For further information about standard restraint straps and window restraint straps, don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01206 793100 or at