Different names for Threaded Rods

Threaded rods are known as studding but also by a variety of other names, such as threaded bars, allthreads, threaded studs or studbars.

Studding is perfectly suited for suspending items from roofs and ceilings. The larger sizes are often used together with a nut and washer on each end to create extra-large bolts, which is why at Speedy Fixings we stock up to M36 (1 ½” diameter) in high tensile material.

At Speedy Fixings, we stock a comprehensive selection of allthreads, from M4 up to M48, including zinc plated and galvanised in both standard mild steel and high tensile, grade 8.8 steel. Our range of stainless steel studding includes grade 304 (known as A2) and for a highly corrosive application, we stock marine grade 316 (A4) threaded rod.

Zinc plated studding is generally used for internal applications and mainly for hanging items from roofs and ceilings. Galvanised and stainless threaded rods are ideal for outside use.

Some of our best-selling threaded rods include M16 8.8 high tensile galvanised threaded rods, M12 stainless 304-A2stainless threaded rods, M20 8.8 high-tensile zinc plated threaded rods, M20 stainless 304-A2 threaded rods and M10 mild steel studding.

Standard steel threaded rods are stocked in 1 metre and 3 metre lengths but if you require a length that is not listed, Speedy Fixings can cut these down to the exact length that you need. Cut ends will be de-burred and sprayed with cold zinc-rich spray. Ordering is easy, just fill in the ‘cut to length’ option and we do the rest.

We also stock many pre-cut studs in a variety of thread sizes, however, if you need studs that are longer than 3 metres, we stock rod connectors.

In case you require any further information regarding our threaded rods and other fastenings, please contact our team today, or call us on 01206 793100 to speak to a member of our team.