How To Choose The Right Diamond Blade

Diamond blades are used in construction, civil engineering and related industries to cut a variety of materials. These blades feature a steel core body and a surrounding exterior cutting segment to cut brick, porcelain, granite, marble and other materials.

The segment is made up of a mixture of natural or synthetic diamond crystals and metal powders. The size, quality and quantity of the materials that go into the segment determine how the diamond blade will perform and the materials it can cut. For instance, larger diamond crystals are used for soft materials, such as asphalt, whilst smaller diamond crystals are used for hard materials, such as Quartz.

Types of diamond blades.

Floorsaw blades

Floorsaw blades are used for cutting more demanding substrates, including flint and limestone aggregate. reinforced concrete, hot-rolled and footway asphalt, in-situ concrete and cement screed.

Pro series diamond blades

Our pro series diamond blades feature high-performance blades that can cut concrete paviors, bricks, floor concrete, natural stone, clay products, roof tiles and more.

Specialist diamond blades

Specialist diamond blades are specific blades for certain materials. This includes ceramic tile diamond blades, fibre cement cutting blades, mortar raking diamond blades and porcelain diamond blades.

Standard diamond blades

Standard diamond blades are general purpose blades designed for entry-level contractors.

Trade diamond blades

Trade diamond blades offer great value for the cost-conscious buyer who requires affordable and good quality blades. This includes abrasive diamond blades and general purpose diamond blades.

Ultimate diamond blades

Ultimate diamond blades are high-quality blades that provide exceptionally fast cutting speed and performance on a variety of materials.

Diamond Cups for grinding

Diamond cups for grinding are typically used for stock removal, surface grinding and finishing, floor levelling, surface preparation and removal of adhesives.

Sizes of Diamond Blades

Standard sizes range from 105mm – 450mm. Specialist sizes are available on request.

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