What are coach bolts? Carriage bolts explained

Coach bolts, also known as carriage bolts, mushroom head bolts, dome head bolts, flat head bolts and cup square hex bolts, are designed to be used in woodworking to fasten metal to wood or wood to wood, in applications such as timber joist construction and decking.

These feature a large mushroom head which sits on top of a square neck. Both of these features work to prevent coach bolts from turning while being attached as well as to restrict them from loosening. These heavy-duty bolts are ideal for applications that require a great degree of security as these can only be removed from one side.

Types of coach bolts.

Carriage bolts are available in a variety of finishes and sizes, each designed for a specific application and purpose. Our coach bolts are made from mild steel and are often used in conjunction with square plate washers. For more information about the ideal coach bolt for your project, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Zinc plated coach bolts.

Zinc plated coach bolts are ideal for indoor applications. Our M12 4.8 zinc plated coachbolt with nut is our best-selling zinc plated coach bolt. In addition to this, we also have available other zinc plated coach bolt sizes, from M6 zinc plated coach bolt to M20 zinc plated coachbolt.

Galvanised coach bolts.

We would recommend our galvanised coach bolts for outdoor use. We have available M8 galvanised coach bolts, M10 galvanised coach bolts, M12 4.8 galvanised coach bolt and M16 galvanised coach bolts.

Stainless steel coach bolts.

Our stainless steel coach bolts are made of grade 304-A2 stainless steel, such as m8 stainless steel coach bolts and 200mm stainless steel coach bolt. For environments that require a high level of resistance against hazardous and corrosive substances, including chemical industries and offshore, we offer 316L grade stainless steel coach bolts.

Coach bolts vs coach screws.

Even though coach bolts and coach screws have similar names, these are different types of fasteners. While coach bolts have a dome head and require a nut or threaded fixing to fasten them to wood, coach screws have a hexagon head and can fix straight into wood without any other fixing. Discover our full range of products by browsing our coach bolts and coach screws collection.