How to choose joist hangers

Joist hangers are used to hold timber joists in place to support decking, floor joists, ceiling, and roofing while providing extra strength and stability. In addition to this, joist hangers also prevent damp penetration to the ends of timber joists.

If you want to buy joist hangers, we have available a wide range of joist hangers for various applications, from small projects, such as patio decking, to large projects, including loft conversions. Our selection of joist hangers is inclusive of wrap-over joist hangers, face fix joist hangers and masonry joist hangers.

Wrap-over joist hangers.

Our wrap-over hangers, also known as jiffy hangers and speedy joist hangers, are designed for timber to timber connections. These wrap around three sides of wooden timber joists to support timber joists from timber members. Our wrap-over joist hangers are available as standard wrap hanger, long leg joist hanger and extra long leg joist hangers.

Face fix joist hangers.

Face fix joist hangers connect timber joists to concrete structures, timber joists to steel members and timber joists to timber members. These are pre-galvanised mild steel joist hangers which are designed to offer added strength.

Our face fix hangers are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, including 50mm joist hangers, 38mm joist hangers, 76mm joist hangers and 150mm joist hangers. These can be fastened by our 12mm fasteners on the bolt holes and square twist nails on the smaller holes.

Masonry joist hangers.

Masonry hangers support timber joists, beams and trussed rafters from masonry walls. Our masonry joist hangers are made of pre-galvanised mild steel and feature a thickness of 2mm. They are also known as built-in joist hangers. These are available in various sizes to suit any and all project requirements.

Whether you are searching for timber to steel joist hangers, timber to masonry joist hangers or timber to timber joist hangers, at Speedy Fixings, we have all the joist hangers you will require. For further information about our joist hangers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can be easily reached via phone on 01206 793100 or via email at