How to fit wall plugs

Walls plugs are designed to give screws a firm and strong hold to mount objects on to brick, concrete or stone walls. After drilling the base material the plug is inserted into the hole, and as the screw is turned it expands the plug, securely gripping the wall and holding the screw in place. It is important to choose the correct drill bit and screw for the wall plug.

At Speedy Fixings, we stock a selection of light duty plastic wall plugs, available in yellow, red and brown. Our yellow wall plugs require 5mm drill bits and screw size of 2.5mm-4mm. The red wall plugs are suitable for 6mm drill bits and 3.5mm-5mm screws. Our brown wall plugs are compatible with 7mm drill bits and 5mm-6.5mm screws. Additionally, we stock nylon wall plugs which can accept up to a 12mm screw.

Different building materials will require specific kinds of wall plugs. For instance, lightweight items can be held by universal wall plugs, however, heavier items will require a stronger mount. Medium and heavy-duty anchor fixings will are recommended for heavier loads. In addition to traditional screw-in lightweight plug fixings, we also offer a range of hammer-in fixings.

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  • Power drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wall plugs
  • Hammer
  • Screws


Step 1. First, decide the right placement for the wall plug. Double-check if the desired location is safe by checking for hidden pipes or cables.

Step 2. Then, drill into the wall using the correct drill bit. After drilling, make sure that the hole is clean and debris free.

Step 3. Insert the wall plug into the hole. If required, lightly tap the plug with a hammer to level the plug with the wall.

Step 4. Drill the screw into the wall plug.

If you require further assistance in choosing the right wall plug, screw or drill bit for your intended purpose, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can be easily reached on 01206 793100 or at