Toolbox essentials

A well-stocked toolbox will all the essentials is something that every homeowner should own. Whether you want to tackle repairs or complete small renovation projects, having the basic tools for the job is of the utmost importance. At Speedy Fixings, we supply a comprehensive range of tools and fixings which can be used to carry out various tasks. To help you put together the perfect toolbox, we have created a list of the essential equipment you will need.


Screwdrivers are a necessity in any household. These are used to tighten loose screws. We supply individual screwdrivers, such as the 7 piece screwdriver set, as well as versatile multi-bit screwdrivers.

Spanners and wrenches.

Fasten a variety of fasteners, such as nuts and bolts, with the help of spanners and wrenches. We stock combination spanners, adjustable wrenches and more.

Measuring Tape.

To measure length, we have available basic tape measures and professional tape measures.


Our pliers are ideal for tasks, such as gripping, twisting and cutting. These include Combination pliers and Bent long nose pliers. When working on live electrical wires, we have available VDE pliers, such as VDE diagonal cutting pliers and VDE groove joint pliers which have been manufactured and tested to meet the European Standards.

Utility Knives.

Utility knives, such as retractable utility knives, are used for general work.

Spirit Levels.

Determine whether vertical or horizontal platforms are aligned correctly with spirit levels. We stock professional levels, professional 250mm torpedo levels and trade 230mm torpedo levels.

Hand saws.

Cut through a variety of materials with our 20 inch hand saw.

Safety equipment.

When undertaking certain tasks and completing jobs, it is also essential to wear protective equipment. We supply a vast range of PPE for sale, including safety goggles, hard hats, safety gloves, breathing protection equipment, body protection and more.

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