Interclamp railing fittings – Everything You Need To Know

Interclamp systems are built with modular slip-on tubes and Interclamp railing fittings that simply need to be fastened with an Allen key. Interclamp railing systems are versatile, strong, durable and can be easily assembled in no time – the perfect solution for hand railing, roof edge protection, safety guardrails and more.

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At Speedy Fixings, we supply a complete range of Interclamp tubes, Interclamp handrail panels and barriers, DDA approved assist Interclamp railing, which is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. In addition to these, we also supply a comprehensive collection of Interclamp key clamp fittings, which can be used to create any custom structure to meet your requirements. Some of our Interclamp fittings include:

Interclamp Type 167 Double Swivel Combination

This versatile double swivel fitting is ideal for awkward angle applications. The swivels can be positioned at around 85 degrees from the horizontal in both directions. Please note that an entire Interclamp structure cannot be built using only swivel fittings.

Interclamp Type 101 Short Tee

This fitting features a 90-degree butt joint and is mostly used to connect intermediate uprights to top rails and middle rails to end uprights on level sites.

Interclamp Type 116 Three Way Through

This corner fitting features a 90-degree angle and is often used on middle rail systems.

Interclamp Type 123 Acute Angle Elbow 40-70 degrees

The acute angle elbow fitting has a variable 40 degree to 70 degree angle joint and is commonly used to connect staircase top rail to upright at the top end of staircases.

Interclamp Type 160 Clamp-on Crossover

The clamp-on crossover fitting is designed to form a 90-degree joint between two Interclamp tubes. Can be used to add to existing structures.

Interclamp Type 158 Centre Cross

This fitting is often used in the middle of larger structures and is designed to form a 90-degree joint between an upright tube that passes through the fitting and four other Interclamp tubes.

Interclamp Type 192 Weather Cowl

The weather cowl is a shield sealed with silicone sealant. It is designed to fit over Interclamp Type 132 Railing Base Flange. This shield is used on flat roofs to offer protection against damp penetration.

Interclamp Type 246 Heavy Duty Side Palm


This heavy-duty side palm is designed to be interchangeable with traditional welded ball standard bases.

Interclamp Type 127 Adjustable Long Tee 30-45 Degrees

This long tee fitting is adjustable from 30 degrees to 45 degrees. It is ideal for staircase top rails and can be used where the top rail needs to be connected at the fitting.

Interclamp Type 149 External Sleeve Joint

The external sleeve fitting is designed to join tubes of the same size.

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