The uses of angle brackets

Often called corner brackets or angle braces, angle brackets are fasteners used in home renovation and construction projects. These are designed to join two separate surfaces or materials together.

At Speedy Fixings, we have available a variety of angle brackets, ideal for general applications. Our selection of these fasteners include pre-galvanised mild steel angle brackets in various sizes and hole configurations. We also supply various fixings to complement the brackets.

50×50×40 Angle Bracket

90×90×65 Angle Bracket

150×90×63 Angle Bracket

150×150×63 Angle Bracket

50×50×30 Angle Bracket

90×90×65 St/St Reinforced Angle Bracket

Common lightweight applications may include mounting shelves to walls, strengthening of joints such as kitchen cupboards, and much more. Corner braces strengthen and protect corner joints. We also supply a varied range of heavy-duty angle brackets in galvanised and stainless steel for use in building and civil engineering.

It is essential to choose the right kind of angle bracket for your specific project as each bracket has a different size, hole configuration and durability. If you cannot find the bracket that you require, please contact us via email at or phone on 01206 793100. We manufacture many bespoke brackets in-house.