What is reinforcement mesh and how to use it

Reinforcement mesh, also known as mesh lath, is used to prevent cracking in brickwork and blockwork. These metal sheets are designed to be laid out in between blocks to reinforce interior and exterior structures.

Reinforcement meshes are often made of steel, including galvanised steel and stainless steel. At Speedy Fixings, we have available a selection of reinforcement mesh, including Stainless Steel Reinforcement Mesh 20m and Galvanised Steel Reinforcement Mesh 20m. When handling reinforcement mesh, gloves should be worn to protect hands from sharp edges.

Stainless Steel Reinforcement Mesh

Our stainless steel reinforcement mesh is available as 20 metre long rolls in different widths. We supply 112mm width stainless steel reinforcement mesh, 175mm width stainless steel reinforcement mesh, 63mm width stainless steel reinforcement mesh and 228mm width stainless steel reinforcement mesh. Stainless steel mesh is recommended for damp conditions.

Galvanised Steel Reinforcement Mesh

Our galvanised steel mesh lath is also available in 20 metre long rolls. We supply a variety of metal meshes in different widths, including 63mm width galvanised steel reinforcement mesh, 175mm width galvanised reinforcement mesh, 112mm width galvanised steel reinforcement mesh, 305mm width galvanised steel mesh lath and 228mm width galvanised reinforcement mesh. Galvanised steel mesh is corrosion resistant and highly durable.

When joining two lengths of mesh together, a minimum of 75mm of mesh should be overlapped.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our range of our selection of reinforcement mesh available, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can be easily reached on 01206 793100 or at sales@speedyfixings.com.