What is a cavity fixing?

A cavity fixing is used to attach items to either a hollow wall, cavity wall or a ceiling. In order to properly secure a heavy item to these types of walls, you require a strong, reliable fixing to support the weight of the item and to reduce the risk of damaging the wall.

At Speedy Fixings, we have a wide range of cavity wall fixings to tackle all types of problem applications. Our selection of these fixings includes hammer-in fixings, metal cavity anchors and spring toggles in various sizes.

Fischer M8 x 100 Gravity Toggle Fixing


The long-threaded rod offers high flexibility and can be used with various panel and attachment thicknesses. It offers a high load capacity due to good load distribution on the transition beams. The threaded rod can be extended using a Rod Connector and M8 Threaded Rod.

Spring Toggle Fixing

Spring toggles are suited for heavier loads, as the wings spread the load over a wider area. They are also ideal for overhead installations. For long vertical drops, they can be used with our Threaded Rod.

Metal Drywall Speed Plug with Screw

This metal speed plug has a cross-recess head, allowing for a simple installation with a screwdriver. Ideal for light-duty applications in all kinds of plasterboard.

Snapskru Drywall Anchor


This self-drilling plasterboard anchor has a built-in positive stop head to prevent over-drilling and accepts a wide range of screws up to 5.0mm. It opens with an audible pop once the anchor has locked to the rear side of the wall.

Hammer-In Fixings

This light-duty hammer-in fixing for plasterboard has a screw size of 4.0mm x 30mm and a PZ2 driver size.

Fischer M8 x 100 Hook Gravity Toggle Fixing

Ideal for hanging from a ceiling or soffit either directly or via a Galvanised Chain. This heavy-duty cavity hook can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for specialist tooling.

Corefix Dot and Dab Wall Fixing

Designed to safely secure loads including cabinets and brackets to dot and dab plasterboard walls or board supported on battens, this product works by securing the load to the brick or block behind the board and bridging the problematic gap that dot and dab create, by way of a zinc-plated steel tube insert.