The Various Uses of Pump-in Resins

Pump-in resins or resin injection systems are bonded anchor systems designed to provide a secure anchor for a variety of materials, including concrete, natural stone, brickwork.

Resin injection systems are highly versatile and can be used for various applications, from large construction projects to small residential uses. This includes fixing threaded rods and internally threaded sockets, reinforcing dowelling, sealing cracks to stabilise structures or prevent water damage, installing studs, epoxying restraints for stone cladding, installing handrails, guard rails and handrails, and much more in damp and dry conditions.

At Speedy Fixings, we supply a variety of injection resin systems. Our range is inclusive of hybrid resins, polyester resins and pure epoxy resins.

Hybrid resins are a blend of a variety of resins. These feature high resistance in various corrosive environments and high load capacity. Our Rawlplug R-KER II hybrid resin with nozzles is suitable for use with threaded rods in both non-cracked and cracked concrete plus, can be used in dry or wet materials and water-filled holes. This product can be used to set anchors and wall brackets, and even the quick fix of loose stone steps.

Polyester resins, such as Rawlplug RKEM II SF polyester resin with nozzles and Rawlplug RKEM II SF polyester resin with nozzles, are styrene-free, and therefore, odour-free. These bonded anchor systems are ideal for general purpose use.

Our selection of epoxy resins includes Rawlplug RKEX II epoxy resin with nozzles. This epoxy resin features high chemical resistance, high performance in concrete and can be used in wet holes and underwater. It can be used for deep embedment, rebar installation, internally threaded sockets, threaded studs and is suitable for diamond drilled holes and rotary hammer drilled holes.

We stock a range of standard resin anchor studs from M8 – M24 for use with our resins and we can manufacture any length of stud from M6 – M36 from our extensive stocks to match any non-standard requirements.

Besides our collection of pump-in resins, we also have available a comprehensive range of other resin anchor systems. Contact our team today to find out which is the most suitable fixing for your desired application. We can be easily reached on 01206 793100 or at