Types of nails and their applications

Nails come in a variety of materials, sizes, designs and finishes. With so many types of nails for sale, choosing the right nail can sometimes be a difficult task. To help you pick the right nail for your desired purpose, we have put together a list of the types of nails that we have available at Speedy Fixings plus, their intended application.

Round wire nails

Also known as round head nails or round heads, round wire nails are the most common type of nail used in woodworking and joinery applications where appearance is not important, but strength is key. Round heads are available in a large range of lengths and thicknesses, which allows them to be the perfect choice for most applications.

Ring shank nails

Ring shank nails feature rings or grooves on the nail’s shank for higher grip and extra resistance. These types of nails also feature a flat head that prevents nails from punching through the surface and provides extra bearing surface. Ring shank nails are ideal for softer woods and are often used in subflooring to prevent floors from squeaking.

Square twist nails

Square twist nails feature a plain, flat head and a squared-off and twisted shaft. These are the most suitable nails for fixing restraint straps, joist hangers and other reinforcement applications. Square twist nails offer a more permanent grip than standard nails.

Lost head nails

Lost head nails are the right choice for projects and applications that require a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish. These have a small head and can be easily tapped below the surface for a seamless appearance.

Oval brad nails

Most often used to join heavy timbers or to attach hardboard siding, oval brad nails feature an oval head that can be punched beneath the surface for a smooth finish.

Panel pins

Panel pins are slender, lightweight nails with a round head which are ideal for delicate woodworking projects for extra strength. These are ideal to attach backboards or skirting to wardrobes, cabinets and joinery projects.

Clout nails

Also known as roofing nails, clout nails feature wide, thin, flat heads and short shanks. These are designed to hold asphalt and composite roofing materials in place and are generally used for fastening shingles and slate roofing. Galvanised clout nails are designed to prevent rust by being able to withstand the weather changes while copper clout nails are a popular choice for fastening slate tiles.

Plasterboard nails

Plasterboard nails or drywall nails are used to fix plasterboard to studding.

Cladding pins

Cladding pins, also known as cladding fixing nails, are designed to conceal fixing points on ceiling cladding, exterior cladding and hollow soffits. Our stainless steel cladding pins are long-lasting and feature high corrosion resistance.

In addition to our selection of nails above, Speedy Fixings also supplies nails for semi-automatic cartridge tools, first fix collated framing nails and second fix brad nails. For more information about our collection of products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can be easily reached via phone on 01206 793100 or via email at sales@speedyfixings.com.