Secure Objects to Concrete with Anchor Fixings

Construction anchors or anchor fixings are the answer to fasten or attach items to concrete or masonry. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all anchor, there are many different types of anchors available, including resin anchors, drop-in anchors, shield anchors and sleeve anchors, each one with their own specifications and ideal application.

Resin Anchors

Resin anchors can be used on concrete, masonry and stone. As resin fixings do not rely on expansion force, these fixings can be positioned close to the edge or into damaged masonry. Resin fixings can also bear high loads and some types of resin anchors are suitable for underwater use. They are often specified for use in ‘dynamic loading’ situations where the structure may be subject to vibration, for example securing a machine base.

Amongst our range of resin anchor systems, we supply resin anchor glass capsules, internal threaded sockets, pump-in resin, resin anchor studs and tools for resin injection systems.

Drop-in Anchors

Masonry drop-in anchors are female-type anchors that designed to be placed in solid concrete and then to have a threaded bolt or rod inserted. These anchors are used in high strength applications and feature a high holding capacity. We have available standard drop-in anchors, including drop-in anchor setting punch, zinc plated drop-in anchors and stainless steel drop-in anchors. Often referred to as red head anchors, they are commonly used by mechanical and electrical contractors for hanging fittings from the underside of ceilings.

Anchors with full European technical approval (ETA) and lipped drop-in anchors are also available. The latter anchors feature a lip to prevent the anchor from dropping too far into the concrete.

Heavy-duty Anchors

For heavy loads, such as brackets or frames, heavy-duty anchors are the ideal choice. Our heavy-duty through fixing anchors are suitable to be used in both non-cracked and cracked concrete. We stock zinc plated bolt head heavy-duty anchors, zinc plated nut head heavy-duty anchors, zinc plated countersunk head heavy-duty anchors and stainless steel nut head heavy-duty anchors.

Shield Anchors

Shield anchors are medium to heavy duty anchors that offer high load-bearing for various applications. These are high expansion anchors suitable for concrete, masonry and other materials. We have available shield only anchors, passivated bolt shield anchors, zinc plated projecting bolt shield anchors and hook and eye bolt shield anchors. These are commonly known as Rawlbolts.

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchors expand against concrete or masonry when the bolt is tightened to help distribute the load-bearing weight and to provide a stronger connection. Sleeve anchors are highly versatile anchors that can be used for a plethora of projects. Some of our sleeve anchors in stock include zinc plated bolt head sleeve anchors, zinc plated loose nut sleeve anchors, zinc plated countersunk sleeve anchors, stainless steel countersunk sleeve anchors, stainless steel loose nut sleeve anchors, hookbolt sleeve anchors and eyebolt sleeve anchors.


Throughbolts or through bolts are expansion anchors that feature unsurpassed through fixing capability. These are designed to pass through and fasten two or more layers. These are reliable, can be easily set and come in various sizes and finishes. We have available zinc plated through bolt anchors, galvanised throughbolt anchors and stainless steel throughbolt anchors.

It is important to choose the right type of construction anchor for your intended purpose. Whatever your needs, you will find the perfect anchor fixings at Speedy Fixings. Contact our team today for further advice on which anchor fixings would better suit your project. We can be quickly reached on 01206 793100 or at