How to choose the right screw

Screws vary immensely in size, design and finish. If you are not an experienced tradesman, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the vast choice of screws available. At Speedy Fixings, we stock a comprehensive collection of screws and other fasteners suitable for any type of project.

Whether you found this article by typing on Google “how to choose the right screw” or “why are there so many types of screws?”, we have compiled a list of the most popular types of screws for sale plus, some of their main uses and features.

Coach screws

Coach screws feature a hexagonal head and are most commonly used to fix metal to timber and to hold together heavy timber. These are ideal for heavy-duty applications, including fence and gate construction. We have available zinc plated coach screws, galvanised coachscrews, 304-A2 stainless steel coach screws and 316-A4 stainless steel coachscrews. Coachscrews are often used with nylon plugs for fixing to concrete and brickwork. Face fix hangers are usually fixed to timber with a coachscrew.

Coach screws should not be mistaken for coach bolts. To find out more about coach bolts, view What are coach bolts? Carriage bolts explained.

Wood screws

Woodscrews are designed to attach two pieces of wood together, being perfect for joining furniture parts together, mounting hardware and more. Our selection of woodscrews is inclusive of countersunk woodscrews, in-dex landscape woodscrews, roundhead woodscrews and stainless steel woodscrews.


Setscrews are designed to secure a component inside or tightly against another surface. We supply fully threaded, high tensile grade 8.8 hexagon head setscrews in various finishes, including zinc plated setscrews, galvanised set screws, 304-A2 stainless steel setscrews and 316-A4 stainless steel setscrews. Other types of setscrews are grub screws or blind screws.

Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws drill their own threads when screwed into surfaces, such as wood, plastic and metal. These are ideal to be used when you can only access one side of the surface.

Drill screws

The most common term for a self-drilling screw is TEK screw. Drill screws are a type of self-tapping screws, which feature a sharp drill point. We have available steel to timber drill screws, timber to steel drill screws, steel to steel drill screws, stitching drill screws and much more. Drill screws are capable of drilling and tapping into 12.5mm thick steel.

Drywall screws

Drywall screws are designed to fully or partially secure sheets of drywall to ceiling joists or wall studs. We supply fine thread drywall screws which are self-threading and ideal for metal studs plus, coarse drywall screws suitable for most wood studs.

Concrete screws

Our concrete screws collection is inclusive of multi-fix screws. These are ideal for fitting windows and door frames.

Machine screws

Typically smaller in size than setscrews or bolts, machine screws are designed for more accurate threads. These are often used to secure together parts of engines, industrial equipment and electronics.

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