Use Stairwell Protection Posts For Temporary Protection

Stairwell protection posts are designed to create a temporary safety barrier in hazardous areas where there is an opening or edge, including window openings, stairwells and landings, during construction and renovation work. These posts are used with timber rails or scaffold boards to form this safety guardrail.

Also known as edge protection, fall protection posts and window opening posts, stairwell posts come complete with pre-drilled fixing holes which can be securely fastened with the necessary fixings to provide a strong and secure barrier. For instance, concrete screw fixings can be used in concrete floor to secure the base of the post and wood screws can be used to secure the timber rails. For convenience and manoeuvrability, stairwell post rails can also be left loose.

These protection posts are easy to fix and to remove and, most importantly, provide a simple and secure method of opening and edge protection – a key element in any building project to guarantee the workers’ safety by reducing potential injuries from an unguarded opening or edge.

At Speedy Fixings, we manufacture high-visibility yellow powder-coated stairwell protection posts and supply the required fixings to firmly fasten them in place.

Our stairwell posts feature welded brackets with double screw option to support top-rail, mid-rail and toe-boards that can be horizontal or angled boards up to 50mm wide. These versatile protection posts can be used for both corners or straight runs and comply with standards under BS EN 13374 which refers to the temporary edge protection systems.

As our protection posts are manufactured in-house they can be modified to the customer’s specifications, including colour, size and more. For enquiries about our stairwell protection posts, please contact us today or call on 01206 793100 to speak to a member of our team.