What is PPE? Personal Protective Equipment Explained

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is equipment designed to protect its user from health or safety risks at work. This can include equipment such as disposable gloves, safety goggles, hard hats, high visibility clothing, ear plugs, face masks and other safety workwear.

Workplace safety is essential for any business. For this reason, employees are encouraged to work safely and responsibly by being provided with instructions, training and supervision. PPE contributes significantly to a safe workplace as it is often used when other measures are insufficient to prevent or reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

Different types of personal protective equipment.

At Speedy Fixings, we supply a comprehensive collection of PPE for sale to guarantee the safety of your employees and visitors, including body protection, breathing protection, ear protection, eye protection, face protection, hand protection and head protection.

1. Body Protection – From high vis vests to heavy-duty knee pads, our body protection equipment is designed to make employees clearly visible in low visibility conditions and to prevent injuries caused by impact on certain parts of the body.

2. Breathing Protection – Moulded cup and fold-flat respirators and disposable masks provide high level of filtration of airborne dust and bacteria particles.

3. Ear ProtectionEar defenders and helmet-mounted ear muffs protect the wearer against excessive and extreme noises by absorbing the sound waves.

4. Eye ProtectionVisitor safety glasses and professional wrap-around safety glasses are ideal to protect the eyes of the wearer from dust, particles and flying objects.

5. Face ProtectionFace shields protect the wearer’s entire face from hazards in the workplace.

6. Hand Protection – Safety gloves are highly important for a variety of applications and environments. For instance, our red welders gloves are designed for heavy oil and chemical handling applications, and our thermal latex grip gloves are perfect for cold working conditions and heavy outdoor tasks.

7. Head Protection – Standard and premium safety helmets protect workers in areas where there is a potential risk of head injuries from falling objects.

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