What are blind rivets?

Also known as pop rivets, blind rivets are designed to provide a strong and reliable fastening. These are highly popular fixings due to the fact that these can be installed without needing to access the backside of the item being riveted.

Blind rivets are composed of the rivet and an integrated mandrel. To install these, blind rivets are inserted into drilled holes and then, with a riveting tool, the mandrel is pulled back. This will cause the body of the rivet to deform and clamp, making the backside of the rivet hold the materials together as well as causing the mandrel to snap off flush.

Rivets come in various shapes to meet the needs of certain applications, including dome head rivets and countersunk rivets. Blind rivets are often categorised by the material of the rivet and then the material of the mandrel. For instance, our aluminium/steel dome head rivets are aluminium rivets with a steel mandrel.

Dome head rivets.

Dome head rivets feature a domed head style and are the most common rivet head styles. When installed, the dome head sits exposed on the surface.

Aluminium/steel dome head rivets

Aluminium/steel XL dome head rivets

The X/L refers to the large (oversize flange) of the rivet.

Steel/steel dome head rivets

Stainless steel A2 dome head rivets

Countersunk head rivets.

Countersunk head rivets feature a flush fit on the surface when installed.

Stainless steel A2 countersunk rivets

Aluminium/steel countersunk head rivets

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