How to install a post shoe onto concrete

Post shoes are known as post supports, steel post supports, fence post shoes and timber post shoes. These are designed to easily anchor wooden posts onto concrete for added support and protection against moisture and fungal damage. These are suitable to fasten wooden decking, pergolas, gazebos and other garden structure posts.

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At Speedy Fixings, we manufacture a wide selection of post supports for sale, including heavy duty shoes, lightweight post shoes, elevated post bases and adjustable post supports. We can also supply bespoke post shoes to meet your size and design requirements. Contact our team today for more information.

Some of our best-selling metal shoes for timber posts include heavy duty stainless steel type 4 post shoes 150 x 150mm which are fully welded stainless-steel posts manufactured from grade 304-A2 stainless steel and 200 x 200mm heavy duty galvanised type 4 post shoes that are hot dipped galvanised to a minimum of 70 microns after being manufactured to ensure it is corrosion resistant. Use 4 x M12 concrete anchor bolts to fasten these post shoes onto concrete.


  • Post shoes
  • Wooden posts
  • Hammer drill
  • Drill
  • Masonry/concrete drill bits
  • Spirit level
  • Concrete anchor fixings
  • Spanner and/ or socket wrench


Step 1. Place the post shoe in your desired location and mark the four drilling holes.

Step 2. Remove the post shoe and drill into the concrete using a hammer drill and masonry/concrete drill bits. Some fixings allow for the base to be left in place and ‘through drilled’.

Step 3. Align the post shoe on top of the drilled holes and fix it into place with concrete anchor bolts.

Step 4. Insert wooden post and if the post shoe has side bolts, tighten them to hold the wooden post in place.

Step 5. Use a spirit level to ensure the post sits upright.

Please note: our smaller size Heavy Duty Post Shoes (100mm & 150mm) may require the post to be reduced in size at the base. This gives a neat ‘flush’ finish to the structure. Please check if unsure.

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