Best-selling joist hangers

Joist hangers are designed to support ceiling, decking and floor timber joists for added strength and stability as well as prevent damp penetration. At Speedy Fixings, we have available a large collection of joist hangers for sale, including wrap-over hangerssuch as standard wrap hangerlong leg joist hanger and extra long leg joist hangers, which are suited for timber-to-timber connections. All our hangers can be fixed to structural steelwork.  

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In addition to wrap-over hangers, we also have available face fix joist hangers which are designed to connect timber to concrete, timber to steel and timber to timber. Plus, built-in masonry hangers which are ideal to support timber joists from masonry walls. If you require joist hangers, browse our selection below of our best-selling joist hangers for sale. 

Face fix hangers.

Some of our most popular sizes of face fix hangers include 150mm face fix hanger, 45mm joist hanger, 200mm face fix hanger, 125mm face fix hanger, 225mm face fix hanger, 100mm face fix hanger and 76mm face fix hanger.

Built-in masonry hangers.

Built-in masonry hangers are also a best-seller. Some of the most popular sizes include 100 x 150mm built-in masonry hanger and 150 x 200mm built-in masonry hanger.

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